Walls Of Mare

10 x 20" Mixed Media on Panel

Much like the armor of a seasoned warrior, the walls of Mare preserve the largest, and by far the most ancient city in The Realm. Standing thousands of years tall, the citizens of this massive northern port would love nothing more than to tell you, her walls have never been breached. However, even the whisper of this lie would not carry far on the salty breeze, for the walls have crumbled into the sea on more than just one occasion. Now and then, sections would understandably perish with the costs of war, but scribes write about other instances when entire portions would sink into the black water all on their own, growing tired and eventually bowing down to the ocean’s recurrent attack. These facts do not shame most inhabitants, but rather bring them honor, for at one time, no man had ever touched its natural fortifications. Over the centuries, the walls would fall, and the people of Mare would build it up again, each time stronger than the last. Until this day, when all who are blessed enough to gaze upon it understand that the walls of Mare represent the people, who’s city has never fallen.