UnsungHero16Zuri copy.jpg
Unsung Hero 16: Zuri

13x 24" Mixed Media on Panel


The militia from Western Bend wore a tarnished brand of defeat. The scribes of history recount innumerable massacres throughout the centuries, their armies predictably overpowered time and time again. However, despite the consistent thrashing on the battlefield, it was not a lack bravery that plagued them. Instead what hindered their victory came from an abundance of the ordinary, paired in a regrettable combination with the absence of greatness. For when they step toe to toe with their adversary, they face a seasoned expert who excels at their craft, wielding blades of death in a far superior manner. But alas. One day something changed. The battle was won! At first they called it a miracle. But then they emerged victorious yet again… and again, and again. Perhaps after all, there was something extraordinary about their company. 


It was her… she who is unlike all before her. A shining light over all who are indistinguishable.