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The bitter salty breath of the sea whips across a bleak plain of rocky crags. She has not a great army, nor towering walls, but instead a boundless expanse of inhospitable terrain shielding her from danger. A windswept desert lay to the east, west, and south fraught with a never-relenting icy barrage strong enough to crumble The Realm’s greatest army. To the north, a raging inlet, who’s torrential current leaves even the most experienced sailors wrecked upon the cliffs. Those who dwell within the desolate hills, however, have thrived for generations, surviving untroubled within the great halls of the hollow range. Tales of war, deceit, and famine have become merely children’s stories of far away places, never touching their impenetrable home. May peace reign for centuries to come, as she forever remains unconquerable.    


  • This is an 10" x 20" original painting, mixed media on panel. This original, one-of-a-kind work of art by Chris Casciano includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Artwork does not include a frame.

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