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With most novels, you pick them up and read cover to cover without any control over the characters within the story, the path they choose to lead, or the idiotic decisions they make. In this book, however, you will have the chance to take charge! You are in command of your own destiny. You decide which perilous corridor to avoid or explore. You select whether to slay your enemy through strength of arms or by crafting a spell. Every turn you make, creature you fight, and item you pick up will ultimately lead you to successfully escape the depths of the dungeon, or become a permanent decoration within it. The choice is yours.  


Building a Hero 

As you delve into your adventure your Hero will develop their mind, craft new spells, enhance physical attributes, and gather essential items. You will select specific equipment and collect crucial memories from your past that will shape your Hero into a unique character with abilities that may never again be re-created. If you read this book multiple times, not only will the adventure change each time, but you will also create a Hero which will be newly distinctive upon each read. 

Before beginning your escape, you must firmly grasp the rules of the game. The next few paragraphs will walk you through the combat system, using magic, gathering equipment, building your memory, and all the other necessary nuances vital to successfully escaping Tynebris!


The Random Number Chart

You will be faced with a great many tasks while you brave the darkness of the tower. You must fight fiendish foes, scale cliffs, tiptoe through unpredictable terrain, and perform a variety of other unimaginable feats. As a way to measure your success, you will frequently be asked to pick a number from the Random Number Chart, located in the ATTACHMENTS tab above (but it will also appear in the appropriate circumstance as you need it while reading). The Random Number Chart consists of randomized numbers from 1-12. Now when it tells you to pick a number, it doesn't mean you get to pick any number you want. It should be completely random, like rolling dice. Close your eyes, and with the point of your pencil, or mouse arrow,  place it down somewhere on the Chart. Whichever number the point lands, of course, is the number you’ve selected for whatever task is at hand. If your point lands on a line, between 2 numbers, just choose the highest one. 

It’s very easy to cheat! You could pick a number with your eyes open, pick multiple numbers until you pick one you like, or become familiar with the chart and try to point to a desired location. Don’t do it! If you cheat, all the fun will be sucked out of this game and your soul will be confiscated by the Tynebris gods.        


Your Hero Sheet

You need to have your Hero Sheet accessible at all times! Either print it out, or open it in some kind of editing/ drawing program on your tablet/ computer. You will refer to this Hero Sheet the most in this book, so have it ready. It is the visual record of all things important to your Hero. You will constantly be modifying, erasing, and adding things to it. Throughout the game, you will gather ability scores, equipment, memory points, spell scrolls, backpack items, and more. All of this will be recorded on your Hero Sheet, which can be obtained in the ATTACHMENTS tab above. An example of an appropriately filled out Hero Sheet is shown here:


Ability Scores

Your Hero has five ability scores. They all begin at 1, except for your Health, that starts at 30. Go ahead and fill those scores in now…

Ahh, welcome back! Although you begin your escape of Tynebris a sad and feeble little person, you will inevitably grow to be a great conqueror of all beasts, tricks, and traps. This will be a slow process, however. To achieve heroism at the highest level, you must defeat enemies, evade hazards, and make wise decisions. By doing this, you will be rewarded in both equipment and memories that will enhance your Ability Scores. The list below explains all five Ability Scores in detail:


ATTACK: Your Attack is one of the ways to slay an enemy. It is the strength of your blow when wielding a weapon. Gathering weapons will most likely increase your Attack score. The higher your Attack score the greater chance you have to inflict damage upon your foe.


DEFENSE: This is essentially your armor. When your Hero is dealt damage in combat, having high Defense will help absorb some of that damage, and therefore, you will survive longer. Picking up and wearing protective equipment along your journey is one way to increase your Defense score. 


SPEED: Your Speed score represents your overall agility. This includes handling a weapon in combat as well as quickness on your feet when evading a hazard or running for your life. In combat, the higher your Hero’s Speed score, the more likely they are to land a hit against their enemy. While venturing through the many reckless environments and dangerous situations your Hero will no doubt be thrust into, a high Speed score will help you avoid traps, dodge falling rocks, or make a quick getaway. Items you find along the way, such as boots or magic rings could be one way to boost your Speed score.  


MAGIC: Throughout your adventure you will discover magic spell scrolls. Each scroll will have a spell written upon it. Some inflict harm upon your enemy, while some aid you in other ways. Your Magic score helps you to cast spells from spell scrolls. The higher your Magic score, the easier it will be to cast a spell. 


HEALTH: Your Health score represents your life. Once your Hero’s score reaches zero, you are dead, so needless to say it is of the upmost importance to keep it above the number zero. Spells and potions will allow you to replenish your Health during combat, you may find these during your journey. Your Health begins at 30 during combat, but will inevitably diminish as you battle your foe. However, as soon as you defeat an enemy and exit combat, your Health score automatically replenishes back up to 30 and will start again at 30 should you encounter another dangerous adversary. 


Equipment Boxes

Throughout the game, you will be discovering a trove of items that will need to be equipped to your Hero. When you pick up a piece of equipment, you will be instructed where the equipment needs to placed. There are 9 boxes where equipment should be placed (Head, Torso, Main Hand, Off Hand, Gloves, Feet, Cloak, and 2 boxes for Rings). Each box may only be filled with one piece of equipment. You can always replace an item with another one, however, if you do, the replaced item is lost forever and your Hero would lose all attributes associated with it. Refer to the Hero Sheet above to see an example of appropriately filled in Equipment Boxes.


Backpack Items

Your Hero is equipped with a backpack which may hold up to five items. Each item takes up one spot in your backpack. If you possess multiples of the same item, you may combine them into one space. When you pick up a backpack item, it may have a certain number of uses. This indicates how many times it may be used in Combat. Make sure you keep track of these uses as you expend them. Refer to the Hero Sheet above to see an example of an appropriately filled in Backpack.


Memories & Memory Points

Spoiler alert! You begin the game with no memory of your past. Don’t panic! For as your escape progresses, you will be collecting Memory Points which will ultimately piece back the puzzle of your Memories. As you slay monsters, you will be awarded a specific amount of Memory Points. As you accrue these Memory Points, keep track of them in the space provided on your Hero sheet. 

When you reach designated Memory Point milestones (1000, 2200, 3600, 5200, and 7200) you will receive a Memory. This will enhance your Hero’s abilities even further. Once you reach one of these Memory milestones simply refer to the Memory List located in the ATTACHMENTS tab above and follow the instructions about how to receive your Memory.



When you finally reach 9000 Memory Points you will remember enough about your forgotten past to determine your Class (this will not happen in this book, but perhaps in future adventures). Each Class has associated with it, special attributes you can add to your Hero Sheet. For more about Classes, take a look in the ATTACHMENTS tab above. 


Spell Scrolls, Magic, & Special Abilities 

Your Hero Sheet provides five spaces to store Spell Scrolls (you may never carry more than five). Scrolls enable you to cast spells during combat. Each spell is accompanied by a Cast Number, the higher the Cast Number, the more difficult it will be to cast the spell. Spell Scrolls with high Cast Numbers most likely do better, more awesome things to help you defeat your enemy in Combat. 

Each Spell Scroll will have a name. To understand what the scroll does and find out the Cast Number, you can refer to the Glossary of Special Abilities in the ATTACHMENTS tab. But not to worry, whenever you pick up a Spell Scroll, the necessary information will be right there on the same page as well. To cast a spell successfully, pick a number from the Random Number Chart and add your Magic score to it. If that number is greater than or equal to the Cast Number, then the Spell is cast. If the number is less than the Cast Number then the spell fails (more about how to use spells in combat in the “Combat” section ahead). Refer to the Hero Sheet above to see an appropriately filled out Spell Scroll section.  

So let’s say, for example, you wanted to cast the spell Rage. If your Hero had a Magic Score of 2 and you picked a 6 on the Random Number Chart, 6 + 2 = 8. You would have successfully cast the spell Rage because its Cast Number is a 7.

Within the Glossary of Special Abilities are some abilities that do not come on a Spell Scroll, instead they are imprinted on a piece of equipment or come brewed in a potion. If a weapon or item comes with a magic ability, you do not need to cast the spell, it will automatically cast as you use the item. 

For example, if you possess a Potion of Iron Skin, the Glossary of Special Abilities says this:


Iron Skin (Cast #5/ Potion): Increases your Defense by 5  for the remainder of the combat


But instead of casting the spell with a number of 5 or greater, you just simply drink the potion at any time during combat and you automatically receive its benefit. (More about using items in the “Combat” section ahead.)

If you possess a weapon or any piece of equipment with a special ability, such as a piece of armor with the ability Dodge, for example. Just look up Dodge in the Glossary of Special Abilities. It would say:


Dodge (equipment ability): When you are dealt damage in combat you take no damage instead. You may only use this ability once per combat. This ability DOES NOT stack if you have more than 1 item with Dodge. 


Again, there is no Cast Number because the Magic automatically happens just by equipping the item to an Equipment Box.  




Throughout your escape, you will encounter various creatures lurking within the darkness. To defeat them, you must enter Combat. It consists of a number of combat rounds. In each round, you will be fighting through strength of arms or by magic. When either your Hero or their enemy takes damage, a new combat round begins. Combat continues this way until someone is defeated.

A combat round looks like this:


  1. Choose to fight with your weapons or by Magic


If you choose to fight with your weapons…

2) Pick a number from the Random Number Chart for your Hero and add your Speed score to it.


3) Pick a number from the Random Number Chart for your opponent and add their Speed score to it.


4) Whoever has the highest total Speed will land a hit. If the numbers are tied, the combat round ends and you must begin a new one.


5) The winner must now attempt to damage their opponent. Pick another number from the Random Number Chart and add their Attack score to it.


6) The loser of the combat round subtracts their Defense score from the total damage. Any remaining damage is then subtracted from their Health. For example, if the damage total is 10 and the loser has a Defense of 4, they would lose 6 Health.    


7) If either your Hero or their enemy reaches 0 Health, the Combat is over. If not, repeat from step 1. 



If you choose to fight with Magic…

2) Choose a Spell Scroll that you wish to attempt to cast from the scrolls you possess on your Hero Sheet.


3) Pick a number from the Random Number Chart and add your Hero’s Magic score to it.

If this total is equal to or greater than the spell’s Cast Number, then the spell is cast. If the total is less than this total then the spell fails. 


- If the spell is cast… just follow it’s instructions from the Glossary of Magical Abilities. Then the Combat Round will then end. Once the Spell is cast it may not be cast again for the remainder of the Combat.


- If the spell fails… you may attempt to re-cast it in another combat round. However, after the spell fails, your opponent will automatically hit and damage your Hero. They will pick their Attack number as outlined in steps 5 & 6 from the ‘fighting with weapons’ section.


4) If either your Hero or their enemy reaches 0 Health, the Combat is over. If not, repeat from step 1.



Combat Example


Your Hero must defend themselves against the horrible and ferocious goblin Gerk!


                            Speed Attack Magic Defense Health

YOUR HERO        4           3           2           3         30

                            Speed Attack Defense Health

GERK                    5          1           2          20



Round 1

1) For the first combat round, your Hero selects to fight with weapons. 


2) You pick a number from the Random Number Chart to determine your Hero’s Speed. You pick a 5, so your total Speed score is a 9 (5+4=9)


3) You then pick a number from the Random Number Chart to determine your opponent’s Speed score. You pick a  7, for a total of 12 (7+5=12)


4) Your Hero has a total Speed of 9 versus Gerk’s Speed of 12. Your Hero has been hit!


5) Gerk picks a number to determine his Attack score. He picks a 6 from the Random Number Chart for a total of 7.


6) You then deduct your Hero’s Defense of 3 (7-3=4). So your Hero loses 4 Health, putting her at 26.



Round 2

1) You select to cast a spell this time. 


2) You possess the Spell Scroll “Rage.” According to the Glossary of Magical Abilities, Rage says this: 

Rage (Cast #7): Increases your Attack by 2 for the remainder of the Combat. 


3) You pick a number from the Random Number Chart. It’s a 6, for a total Magic score of 8. You have successfully cast your spell and now your Attack is 5 for the remainder of this Combat.


Round 3

You select to fight with weapons this round.


You pick a number from the Random Number Chart to determine your Hero’s Speed. You pick a 7, so her total Speed score is an 11 (7+4=11)


3) You then pick a number from the Random Number Chart to determine your opponent’s Speed score. You pick a 5, for a total of 10 (5+5=10)


4) Your Hero has a total Speed of 11 versus Gerk’s Speed of 10. Gerk has been hit!


5) Your Hero picks a number to determine his Attack score. He picks a 4 from the Random Number Chart for a total of 9. (3 Attack + 2 from Rage + 4 = 9)


6) You then deduct Gerk’s Defense of 2 (9-2=7). So Gerk loses 7 Health, putting him at 13.



  • Combat continues this way until someone’s Health reaches 0. 



There is a Health Tracker on each illustrated monster page, where you can keep track of Health lost or gained throughout Combat.



Using Potions

Collect your potions and use them carefully for they could be difference between victory and certain death. Any potion in your backpack may be used at any time during Combat, however, you can only use one potion per combat round. Also note that each potion has a certain number of uses. Once these are used up, they are gone forever. 

The special abilities found within potions automatically happen without casting a spell, for example, if you consume a Potion of Healing during combat, you immediately restore 8 Health as per the instructions from the Glossary of Special Abilities.


Death & Saving Points

You have 3 attempts to defeat your foe in Combat. If you can not do this, you must refer back to your last Saving Point. As you read through this book, you will come across Saving Points. When you see this, make a note of the page number in the “Saving Point” section of your Hero Sheet. If your Hero happens to meet their untimely demise, either in combat or via an unfortunate misstep, just start afresh from your last Saving Point. Perhaps you missed something along the way; a crucial piece of equipment or potion that slipped through the cracks. Maybe you might even explore a new path, or make a different decision that could propel your Hero to success.   


Go Forth!

It is now time to enter Tynebris! Escape will not be easy, for all those claimed by the tower remain in its dark embrace, servicing evil for eternity. But may the winds of fortune waft your way! Good luck! May your wisdom and strength guide you towards freedom!  

Click on the PLAY THE STORY tab and… make your choice.



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